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Monika Schumeth & Paul Owen
$597,000 4827 Lucerne, Pierrefonds Details »
(Vendu 2024-01-17) (Vendu 2024-01-17) Details »
(Vendu 2024-02-16)(Vendu 2024-02-16) Details »
(Vendu 2023-10-22)(Vendu 2023-10-22) Details »
(Vendu 2023-10-06)(Vendu 2023-10-06) Details »
(Vendu 2023-11-29)(Vendu 2023-11-29) Details »
(Vendu 2023-07-13 )(Vendu 2023-07-13 ) Details »
(Vendu 2023-06-17)(Vendu 2023-06-17) Details »
(Vendu 2023-05-01 8 jrs)(Vendu 2023-05-01 8 jrs) Details »
(Vendu 2023-06-02 25 jrs)(Vendu 2023-06-02 25 jrs) Details »
(Vendu 2023-04-19 22 jrs)(Vendu 2023-04-19 22 jrs) Details »
(Vendu 2023-05-09)(Vendu 2023-05-09) Details »
(Sold 2023-03-26 6 Days)(Vendu 2023-03-26 6 jrs) Details »


Monika and Paul are the dynamic duo of West Island’s real estate agents. If you are looking for professional and friendly service, then these are the agents to call. They sold my house with such ease and all transactions went very smoothly. This husband and wife team were always on top o...

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Although we are happy to service many Montreal neighborhoods, the West Island is our speciality.

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How much did my neighbor's house go for? How does my neighborhood fare in the current market? How does an open house work? We will take care of ...
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